“Go,” Jesus replied, “your son will live.” The man took Jesus at his word and departed. While he was still ON THE WAY, his servants met him with the news that his boy was living.” John 4:50-51

Here we have an officer who travels all the way from Capernaum (his home) to Galilee (where Jesus was) to ask Jesus to come back home with him to heal his sick son. Jesus replies with this statement and immediately the boy was healed. However, the officer doesn’t find out this news until he is ON THE WAY back home without Jesus. Crazy right? This man had enough faith to walk all the way back home without Jesus, trusting nothing but Jesus’ mere words. To put the distance this officer travelled in perspective, these two places are 16 miles apart. If that were me, those 16 miles back home would have been filled with many questions and doubt. “What if this doesn’t work? I travelled all this way for nothing. Why couldn’t Jesus just come back with me?” Little did this officer know that the healing he was searching for was already on its way. It went before him. Can I encourage you, that the very thing you’ve been asking for from God has already gone before you, you just have trust Him at his word and GO. Can I take it a step further and encourage you to live and worship as though God has already answered? It’s when you live in His promise that the 16 mile journey is filled not with doubts, questions, or worry, but complete and total praise.

Prayer: Father, thank you that the very thing I need has already been sent before me. God I pray that I would have a heart that wholly trusts you and your promises. Today I surrender every doubt and worry at your feet. From this day forward I choose to praise and worship you because I know every answer is already on its way. In Jesus name, amen.