Exodus 33:18 (NIV)

Then Moses said, “Now show me Your glory”

Moses is mid-conversation with God, and out from his lips come these five words, “now show me Your glory”. By asking to see the glory of God, Moses is also requesting to see the beauty of God, the greatness and splendor in His name. A request at this magnitude might seem outrageous, some might say crazy but in mid-conversation Moses grabs onto this understanding, that God is close, therefore, it would be crazy not to ask. Moses took advantage of a moment, recognizing the closeness of God built in him the courage to ask boldly and to believe for something he has not seen yet.

God is closer than we know, then what is stopping us from approaching Him courageously? Our request should be as bold as Moses. That while praying we would stop mid-conversation with God and begin asking Him, now show us Your greatness so we can see revival in our homes, in our city, and in our nation. In the midst of this fast we need to take advantage of these God given moments. Heaven is closer than we know, so let's use our voices to call down revival, allowing God to show us things we have not yet seen.

Prayer: We thank you God that you allow us into Your presence time and time again. There is no other name like Yours, and we ask You build in us the courage to ask boldly, to expect a mighty move of Your spirit. Our hearts are comforted by your closeness, help us embrace everything You’re about to do in our lives. Show us Your greatness, Your beauty, and Your splendor. We love You Lord. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.