In John 1:5 it says "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."(ESV)

Often when we read that verse we begin to think of winning battles & overcoming obstacles. We hear things like "You're an overcomer! You'll get through your current circumstance!" While this is true, with the power of God you can overcome great obstacles & persevere through difficult storms, that's not what the author of this narrative means here. See the word "overcome" used here in its original context is the Greek word: katalambano, which means: to lay hold of or to understand. That means what the verse says is "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it." In this life when our light shines in darkness, darkness doesn't quite get that. People look at that light & they question it. Some even want to put it out. The reason why the light does not stop shining is because it understands what the darkness does not. Light understands the truth: that Jesus is Lord, that there is hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ & that GOD IS REAL!

That being said those of us who understand these truths can only defeat darkness by taking the time to understand the brokenness that exist in the human condition. We mustn't judge our brother or sister who doesn't understand the truth, instead we must take the time to understand their story & learn what about their life has kept them from understanding the hope we have! God came down to earth to demonstrate this very thing, in order to defeat the darkness that had a hold of us He lived for 33 years in our shoes to show us He understands our pain! What a beautiful example set by our Lord Jesus! He would never have us do something He himself is not willing to do, we serve a humble God! So many people have been through so much hurt & it's our job to help them find healing in this hope! So today I ask you to be an overcomer: one who defeats the darkness through love & understanding! Today take the time to find out somebodies story, show them they aren't alone & share this wonderful hope we have in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Prayer: Lord help us to overcome the darkness of this world by using the light of your love to understand the brokenness of the human condition. Help us to invest ourselves into others so that we can be used as change agents in the lives of many. Help us to bring selfless understanding into a world where many seek to only understand themselves. We can't do this without you Lord & we do it only so You can have the Glory. In Jesus precious name, Amen.