At Misfit NYC, we seek to make the truth of Jesus Christ famous, relevant, and attractive. Every Friday, our team of young people pursues this goal through their talents and gifting’s used in the countless ministry opportunities offered at Misfit NYC. Every week is a new opportunity to reach the youth of NYC and deliver the gospel through hip-hop, poetry, the arts, and even the technical arts. What is amazing about being part of Misfit NYC is that the youth are independently leading and participating in the ministry and reaching their peers.

For the past three years, Misfit NYC has hosted Misfit The Conference throughout NYC. At conference, we invite speakers, leaders, and Misfits from all over the world to join us for a weekend of growth, networking, and fun all in the name of Jesus, making him known. 

While Misfit The Conference is always a life changing experience for Misfits from all corners of the earth, at Misfit NYC, we don’t just exist for a conference once a year. We live and serve for every and any opportunity to reach the youth around us, especially on a Friday night. We welcome all junior high and high school students to join us on Friday’s at 8pm; and, for all of our young adults (and not so young-adults) we open our doors to everyone with what we call Generation Night. For those not in the New York area, our doors are always open via the Internet and our live stream.